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About Becky Morgan

An unlikely trendsetter, Becky Morgan has had a seemingly familiar life in her native Dothan, AL. She attended local high school and college, raised two children and worked for twenty-five years for UPS. In her limited free time, she made collages of her favorite works of art, primarily from the masters using magazine paper, scissors and glue. It was a healthy way to unwind and over the years, it became part of her daily routine. She experimented with a variety of mediums and found her favorite was creating collages, no matter the artistic trend at the time.

Using the master’s classics as her primary inspiration, Morgan developed her own style of simple scenes that convey warm classic themes. “I have never seen anything like this” said Susan Orloff, owner of one the first collages commissioned. “ It’s similar to an impressionistic painting, but with greater visual impact because of the depth of the collage.”

“Creating images with paper is a tedious task that requires imagination and tremendous attention to detail,” says Morgan. “The variety and use of color, the density of the shade you are trying to attain each demands intense review and selection”

With no formal training in the arts, Morgan’s self taught discipline has met with critical review and praise. Her collages have been displayed at regional art exhibits, museums and destinations. Visiting her website is a retro treat to see her style, which after all , has remained “far out” for all these years.

Born and raised in Dothan, Alabama. Graduated high school at Houston Academy. Attended George C. Wallace Jr. College

Started to work with UPS in 1976. Became a full-time driver in 1992 for UPS. Retired UPS March 2001

No formal art training. She is a self-taught artist

Local Television Station WTVY (CBS Affiliate) invited her to be on their morning show to talk about her art work October 2001

Has shown her work in the following art/art & craft shows:

  • 1997 Local Color – Dothan Museum of Art
  • 2001 Virginia Highlands
  • 2001 Artscape Atlanta (600 applicants where only 125 participants are selected through a juried process)
  • 2002 Arts & Crafts Festival – Fairhope, AL
  • 2002 Magic City Art Festival – Birmingham, AL

Becky started painting about 20 years ago for her own enjoyment. She worked with acrylics and oils on canvas. It was her way of relaxing after a grueling day at UPS. In 1991, she found an old chest and decided to do something with it. She has a vivid imagination and decided to “perk up” this battered chest by covering it with various pictures that caught her eye in magazines. As she worked on this chest, a collage emerged.

Chect with collage

She collaged the entire chest and found that she enjoyed working with scissors, paper and glue so much that over the next few months a new style of art evolved for her. She realized if you can create images with acrylic and oils, you should be able to create images with paper. She felt this would challenge her creative abilities much more than working with paints and brushes. She started creating her collages by taking some of the famous master painters and making collages of their images. Van Gogh’s Starry Nights shown below is an example.

Van Gogh’s Starry Nights

While working on her collage skills by emulating the masters, she developed her own imaginative pieces of collage art. The collages appear to be paintings, but upon close inspection you can see the tedious detail that goes into each creation. It is a very time consuming process. After the images are created, several coats of polyurethane are applied to the collage to protect the image. Some of the collages use a technique that does not require a frame. The collage is continued onto the side of the box, making it one big image. Below is an example of one of her creations named “Beach Bum”

Beach Bum

Her original art work has been displayed at regional art exhibits and museums. Becky’s art work is similar to an impressionistic painting, but with greater visual impact because of the depth of the collage. Creating images with paper is a tedious task that requires imagination and tremendous attention to detail.

Becky has made several collage art donations to charitable organizations for fund raising. Listed below are a few:

  • The American Heart Association – Dothan, AL
  • Humane Society Spay and Neuter Clinic – Atlanta, GA
  • Covenant United Methodist Church – Dothan, AL
  • Dothan Regional Airport – Collage of the new airport scheduled opening July 2002

Her artwork is on display at a local salon called "Clipz Salon" which is located at 194 Hodgesville Road, Dothan, Alabama. She has also been commissioned by several individuals from different cities around the southeast – Atlanta, Tampa, & Memphis. One of her earlier pieces of collage art found its home in London, England.

Becky was named a winner of the Peoples Choice Award at the 2008 Wiregrass Artists Exhibition at the Wiregrass Museum of Art.